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11月15日からのサンコア(岡山県玉野市築港1丁目4-15 →)の個展ではハニカムシリーズを展開させた作品もお見せできるはずです。


加藤 直樹

お問い合わせはこちらからお願いします。 (10月11日まで)→

Thank you very much for coming to Naoki Kato Solo Exhibition "Nature's Works".

This solo exhibition is a special one with a feeling different to my previous shows, because the preparation and the whole program were under the influence of Coronavirus.

It was my first time that I was not in the gallery during the show. I am very grateful that Mr. Takahashi had helped me out a lot more than usual.

When setting up an exhibition, I always think about the displaying design firstly.

“ I will display this there, that around here.”

It's an exhibition for people coming to the gallery actually.

That was for an exhibition with visitors who are actually coming to the gallery.

It was so hard to devote myself to the displaying design, while I was worrying that “Maybe no one will come.”

This was also my first time to think about holding an online exhibition in parallel with the physical one. Though I was pretty confused at first, things kept progressing everyday.

Live streaming of the gallery talk was also my first attempt.

But still we were able to move on. With a kind of optimistic thinking that “Our mistakes will be forgiven because it was our first attempt.”

Mrs. Taguchi of HITOTEMADO has put a lot of effort into the event. Thank you very much.

Since then, I thought I would be able to exhibit my best works.

The show has become the ideal one as I had imagined when I started making Nature's Work Series.

So, I finally feel that I can work further on every piece of work.

There are still rooms to develop the techniques, I would like to make every series into a clear and unique expression.

From 15th November's solo exhibition at gallery Sans Quoi (Tamano-shi, Okayama  →), I should be able to display the works which have been developed into the Honey-comb Series.

I always move on slowly, but while experiencing the failures, regression and anxiousness, I still hope to step forward.

Naoki Kato